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Furniture Repair

Furniture Technology, Inc. offers residential and commercial customers a wide range of repair services:

  • Wood Furniture Repair – Dents, Scratches, Water Marks, Refinishing, Water & Fire Damage

  • Furniture Structural Repair

  • Commercial Furniture Repair - Desks, Conference Tables, Bookshelves, Credenzas, Banisters, Chairs, Counter Tops, Cabinets, Drawers, and Office Furniture

  • Wood Refinishing - We will refinish any type of wood.

Furniture repairs should be done by an experienced craftsman.  This ensures the repair is done correctly, the wood is matched properly and to ensure no further damage is done if attempted by someone who does not normally perform this type of repair.

There comes a time when your favorite piece of furniture needs repair work performed.  There are many variables which contribute to wear and tear of furniture: regular use, age, pets, children, and a multitude of other variables.  These things happen and should be addressed to extend the life of your furniture and keep your home or office looking like new.

Recliner Repair (and/or Motion Furniture Repair)

We have visited many homes and institutions to repair that favorite recliner.  As a professional furniture repair business, we advise against attempting to repair a recliner on your own.  Failure to correctly repair it can lead to warranty problems and additional costs to fix it correctly.

Our experienced craftsman will have your recliner working and looking like new in no time at all.

Here are a few of the types of problems we have encountered:

  • Leather - Cracked or Faded

  • Springs - that are squeaky and depressed

  • Padding - Falling out of the cushions

  • Handle or Mechanism – Broken

Call us today to set up your appointment.  We offer in-home and on-site repair services.

Upholstery Repair

Here at Furniture Technology, Inc., we have logged many upholstery repairs.  Almost every household and business has experienced a problem with their upholstered furniture at one time or another.  If you have a sofa, love seat or chair for a decent length of time and actually use your furniture on a regular basis, you may be in need of our upholstery repair services.

We have the training and skills to repair your existing upholstery.  However, depending on how large the problem may be, we may suggest completely reupholstering a piece of furniture because the old fabric was worn and torn too badly.

If you have a piece of furniture that holds sentimental value to you, we can help.  Just give us a call and set up an appointment.  We can evaluate the furniture and provide you with an affordable estimate.

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